An update, a sticker and a disclaimer!

So where have I been?

Here, there, everywhere and nowhere, sometimes all in the same day!

Ryan and I finally finished all of the renovating on the house which took FOR. EVER. Every time we fixed one thing, something else would come up. I suppose that’s the curse of moving into an ancient place. It was like one of those slippery balls that you can never actually hold on to without it sliding through your hand again. Sure, they’re meant to entertain children for hours upon end, but they just piss me off. We’re finally moving in though. All of the boxes are now sitting in the living room or the burn barrel depending on which room they were intended for. The kitchen is done and unpacked and looks fantastic. I had to clean every single thing that came out of a box since it’s been sitting in a garage for a year or so, plus, throw a bunch of stuff away due to mold. I wasn’t that sad about it though. I’ve had this one ridiculous cutting board since I was 18. It was tiny and useless and ready to meet its maker. Good riddance! Part of my non-depression of giving up stuff is that I’m nesting like a maniac. I’m donating, throwing away, and re-purposing anything that I’m not in love with anymore. I just can’t stand the clutter right now. I have a huge pile of book boxes that are staring me down and if they’re not careful, they’ll end up in the “donate” pile, too. Must. Find. Bookcase. As much as I want to get rid of them, I know I’ll regret it later. Who knew you could be pregnant and still have common sense!? We don’t have much left to unpack, we just have a LOT of laundry to wash and a LOT of organizing that needs to be done before I lose my mind and throw everything away. Amen. I have before and during pictures so far. I should take a few pictures of all the boxes. It’s absolute mayhem over there.

As far as pregnancy goes, I am doing much better! I can eat whatever I want, including meat, barbecue is still not the number one item on my dinner list but hey, at least I don’t lose my entire day’s worth of calories if I smell it! Progress, folks! We had a 3D/4D ultrasound done a couple of months ago which was truly amazing. It was one of my favorite parts of pregnancy so far. Being able to see our babies’ faces and hands and feet was both relieving and absolutely beautiful. Here are a couple of my favorites, they’re not super clear but I *love* how her hands are always on her face. They’re both Baby A.

We also had some professional shots taken which was a blast! We went to the beach and the photographer caught some amazing shots. I’ll litter them around here and there this month. I posted one of my favorites yesterday. Here’s another one….

I’m not sure where I left off with the Gallery of Gut, but I can tell you that I am much bigger now! I was starting to feel and look pregnant here at 22 weeks:

And then something happened and I must have “popped” because all of a sudden… I’m huge!

Brown shirt! White Bra! Fail! (26 Weeks)

30 Weeks... JUMP AROUND! (go badgers!)

32 Weeks (on Halloween!)

We had a little fun on Halloween, too. I can’t resist playing with my belly. It’s giant and I may never get to do this again, so we painted it. Again. This time with Halloween in mind!

Remember this? (24 Weeks!)

32 Weeks! (Yes, that happened... we *had* to!)

We also had our baby shower but I won’t bore you with pictures of that. I’ll fast forward to the good parts! First of all, I was SO excited because my friend Jenn came into town to see me and we hadn’t seen in each other in over a year. I was looking forward to it for an entire month! THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, my sister surprised me with one of my best friends from Knoxville, Caroline! We all had a blast catching up, playing games, eating cake, and opening presents… or was that just me?

I thought the surprises were over. They weren’t!

I opened a bag from my mom, sister and grandma and inside was a picture of our nursery! Complete with furniture! NEW furniture! Two cribs. A changing table. A rocker. And one speechless new mom. I haven’t finished decorating yet because I couldn’t decide on a theme, but it’s definitely starting to come together. We have names! But they’re a secret until the big day, in case I get a case of the preggo crazies and change them. We’re happy with them though, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to stick. We have letters for above their cribs and picture frames ready for their first pictures. I might put their foot prints on the matting. We’ll see. We have clothes and baskets and a dresser. Blankets, books and more baby gear than I ever could have imagined. People have been so generous to us by donating and buying us pretty much everything we need for our twins. We’re truly blessed and so thankful. I couldn’t ask for anything more than two healthy babies and all of the support we could need. It’s humbling.

Beyond that, everything is right on track. I’m about ready to set up a sleeping bag at the doctor’s office since I’m there all. the. time. I go twice a week for non stress tests to make sure the babies are doing well. Since our doctor is an hour away, it takes up the entire day. It’s okay though. The peace of mind is worth it. We’re 32 weeks now. Baby A is weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds and Baby B is 4 pounds, a total of NINE pounds of child I’m hauling around in there. If all goes as planned, we only have 6 more weeks until we can hold our little ones in our arms. I’m packed and ready to go! I can’t wait!

Obviously moving and all of my pregnancy stuff has been taking up most of our time but we’ve also managed a romantic date night and a whole lot of college football. Day Two of NaBloPoMo is complete, so I must not be completely out of my mind!

Now for the disclaimer! I promise nothing is wrong with Ryan and me. WordPress is being completely ridiculous and for whatever reason keeps resurrecting past posts and reposting them. Isn’t that kind? So, the post from a couple of days ago that was originally written back in 2009, was a great reminder of where I’ve come from, but not true to the current situation. I’m sorry if it confused anyone. Oh, WordPress, you kill me.

Now for some Biggest Loser and homemade meat loaf! See you tomorrow!

Oh, and by the way, did you get your sticker today??


6 Responses to An update, a sticker and a disclaimer!
  1. ratfacedgirl
    November 4, 2010 | 7:03 am

    3D & 4D pics are THE BOMB!!! I’d like to get knocked up just so I could experience that awesomeness(kidding like crazy)….I can see your little ones face and OMG, isn’t she beautiful? Yes, she is.

    I voted and got my sticker. And I have to tell you that, in all my 40ish years, I still can’t resist putting stickers on my forehead. Like the Chiquita banana stickers? Except I now wait until I get into the car, so as not to scare the poll people. :D

    • Kallay
      November 4, 2010 | 12:09 pm

      I so wanted to get more stickers to stick on the belly but I figured they *might* frown on it! I say wear your sticker where people will see it! Even on your forehead! Haha!

  2. foxy
    November 4, 2010 | 11:40 am

    You still look so GREAT! I can’t wait til you pop those little girls out!

    And did I already tell you how much I love your pregnancy photos? Because I do. Like a lot. And I love the pumpkin. I wish my belly was big enough to paint a pumpkin on, but I’ve got a ways to go…….

    Aren’t the 3/4D photos the best?? OMG, I about died when I saw mine. They are so freaking cool. And I’m about 2.5 weeks from being able to see one again. Yay!

    • Kallay
      November 4, 2010 | 12:05 pm

      Holy shit! I’m reeling! I’ve been MIA for a while and had no idea you were pregnant! I’m so excited for you!!! :D

      Also… thank you! I am definitely entering the waddling stage, which is also the not sleeping stage, along with the cankle stage. I’m hot! But I’m totally thankful that these two little ones have survived past the 32 week mark. My doctor is crazy excited about it. I’m hoping to keep them baking in there until at least December 1st! Crossing fingers!!

  3. Allyson
    November 9, 2010 | 9:06 am

    Hi love,
    I’m getting all caught up! Yay me! I don’t even know where to start with this blog post, though…
    1) I LOVE the 3D/4D pictures!! I’ve never actually seen one but holy smokes, that’s amazing!
    2) Shana and I were giggling over the pumpkin belly while we were in Savannah. I think it went something like this
    Me: Oh. My. GAWD.
    Shan: WHAT??
    Me: She did it!
    Shan: who did what?
    Me: Kallay painted her belly like a pumpkin.
    Shan: LET ME SEE!!!
    And that was pure and shear awesome. That is all.
    3) Congrats on nesting. I hear it is something that every woman should go through, pregnant or not. ;)
    4) You made a total haul at your baby shower and I bet you are SO ready for those little guys to be here!! I hope there are nursery pictures coming up. I started from the bottom (where I left off) and am working my way up. ;)

    • Kallay
      November 10, 2010 | 11:08 pm

      As soon as I get stuff hung on the actual walls instead of just throwing stuff around all willy nilly just to get moved in, there will be monstrous amounts of pictures.

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