Saturday Shoppin': Upcycled, Local, and Small!

Welcome to Saturday Shoppin’! In honor of the day, Small Business Saturday, I thought I would post some loot from small businesses. Some of the stuff is local (from Michigan) and some of it is just cool upcycled stuff I’ve found, but none of it will ever be found in a Target ad. We’re pretty spoiled, as far as small businesses go, in Southwest Michigan. We have wineries, great farm stands, and plenty of small towns with a plethora of small businesses selling everything from food gifts to high end art. I’m planning a homemade Christmas this year (and if you’re family, don’t even think I’m about to spill the beans and ruin the surprise!), which doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not buying anything, I’m just choosing to buy things that are homemade by someone else or I’m purchasing supplies to make gufts. Not sure what to buy from small businesses? Here are some ideas!

For the tea lover (or spice guru), I found these DIY tea kits. I can already smell the aromas! Orange peel and lavender, chamomile and hibiscus, mmm… where’s my afghan? This set is $22 and includes all of these tins, and two mesh bags for steeping.

This anklet could totally be worn as a bracelet and it includes sea glass from Lake Michigan. It’s listing for $20. I wear colors like this a lot, so this is one of those unique pieces that would go with everything. I love jewelry like that!

I can’t talk about jewelry without mentioning my friend’s fantastic business, Daisy & Elm Jewelry and Rosaries. She has an eye for unique beads, and makes the most gorgeous pieces. She does great custom work, too, so if you have something in mind, but can’t find exactly what you want, Allyson will definitely be able to help you out. She also has a knack for writing, and will make you laugh your fuzzy socks off. Check her out here.

I love this picture frame. What a great way to capture a day at the beach or a family vacation up North. This one sells for $18. The frame is made from actual driftwood from Lake Michigan. She has one in the shape of a square, too.

I’ve been hemming and hawing about Christmas cards this year because I hate wasting the paper, and no one actually saves them anyway. I found these great cards on Etsy that have seeds inside! You just plant the biodegradable packet with the seeds in it, and watch them grow! The seller says that most of the seeds in the packets are wildflowers, which are awesome for summer bouquets. These are priced at five cards for $15 or one card for $4. You could include a family picture that someone would be more apt to save, or even a gift card!

I’m a fool for purses, so I couldn’t pass up this vegan handbag. The seller is from Israel, but because she’s on Etsy, I consider her business to be small, and I can totally get behind that! The handbag comes in all different colors, and she has a wide variety of styles, too. This one lists at $119.

Do you have pets or have friends with pets? You could whip up a batch of homemade biscuits, or purchase some from a pet bakery like Fuzzy Butz Bakery in Saint Joseph, Michigan. This place smells wonderful when you walk in the door, and then you get sucked into pet world! They have everything. Pet outfits, pet food, all kinds of accessories and natural remedies, and of course, the most nutritious and satisfying pet treats! (for cats, too!)

Apple Granola Yogurt Dipped Biscuits

These are $5.99 for one half pound of treats. From the bakery: These treats are our #1 selling biscuit. Filled with fresh Michigan apples,honey and oats then dipped in a heavenly yogurt topping. I bought one of their mixes to make our own treats and it was a ton of fun. A great gift for kids to help with and give to their teachers!

Coffee, confections, and wine from local cafes, like Sweetwaters Cafe in Ann Arbor, chocolate covered pretzels and other assorted chocolates from The South Bend Chocolate Company, and wineries, like Lemon Creek Winery in Grand Haven, are always great gifts, too!

Also, try your state’s website for tourists and locate the small shops near you, or even search for gifts on their websites. You can also search Etsy for sellers in your area. Whether it’s one gift, or all of your gifts for this holiday season, supporting your local businesses is important all year round. Get out there and explore, you’ll be surprised at what you find right in your own backyard!

Happy Saturday!

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