Random Musings Friday!


In an effort to stop trying to analyze everything, some random musings this Friday. Link up with the talented and hilarious, Shana! (Did I mention great friend? She’s definitely that.)

* I’m only a little bitter that I should be getting ready for a Valentine’s Day celebration this weekend but instead am wondering who’s getting *my* love, but mostly, I’m just happy that I have friends who care. I have two gorgeous bouquets of flowers on my counter from two generous and loving friends, I have cards telling me that I’m tough and that everything is going to be alright, and I have hope, which is more than I had two weeks ago. I can’t be bitter or sad about that! Wonderful. Giving. Caring. My friends are the best Valentines a girl could ask for. And God? Well, no one can top His gifts.

** Remember Tiger? Well, that sweet little bugaboo baby boy was born premature, and spent many weeks in the hospital. Thankfully, he is a little fighter and pulled through! He’s home now, but the family is still struggling and is needing some basic baby needs. Tiger is still having some medical issues, but is doing very well considering his dramatic and terrifying entrance into the world.

From the grandmother’s Facebook page:

Things such as newborn diapers, sensitive wipes, baby wash, burp cloths, bibs, Dreft laundry soap, receiving blankets, and dish soap are some things that would be very much appreciated at this point.

You can also donate money to the family and receive a Team Tiger bracelet for your support. E-mail me at kallaydoscope@gmail.com if you would like more information to help the family.

*** It’s always amazing to me how two people born on the same day, one minute apart, from the same body (read: mine) can be so entirely different. Lily and her big beautiful brown eyes vs. Molly and her baby blues, Lily with her four teeth, and Molly with nearly TWELVE, Lily with a set of screaming lungs and a babbling brook of words and Molly with her crazy climbing and lightening fast reflexes for grabbing glasses and scratching faces… Both with giggles that melt my heart. I’m so proud of my toddling girls, and so completely in awe.

**** I learned a couple of things this week, too!

1. Tea can prevent tooth decay! Who knew!? (Well, they did.)
2. Brownies and chocolate are my go to foods when I’m emotional. I’m still following the 17 Day Diet as closely as I can, since I’m not eating much, but brownies and M&Ms are calling my name something fierce.
3. Salary.com reports that$117,867 is the amount the average stay-at-home mother would earn yearly if she were a salaried employee. So, now I know what to ask for when I start applying for jobs.
4. I am apparently very afraid of cargo vans, or, at the very least, the people who drive them.

***** Lastly, some very important, earth shattering news…

I earned the American Idol sticker on Get Glue.

Yes, life is exciting.


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  1. Shana
    February 11, 2012 | 1:50 pm

    I’m kind of glad that the most exciting thing you’ve got going on is that American Idol sticker. After everything that’s been happening…you need a break.

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