Bloggers’ Biggest Loser! {Emotional Eating!}

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Good Monday Morning!

I had a bizarre night last night. I was up really late, and then one of the girls woke up at 4 am, started to whimper on and off, and by 5 am she was wide awake. So, working on four hours of sleep, I wandered into her room and scooped her up for milk time. My mom, ever the early riser, gets up and makes coffee and goes about her usual routine. Meanwhile, I just dragged my ass around the house behind me on a sled. The other cutie pie woke up at 5:30 am, and when milk time was over, it was so very obvious that they were up for the day. I was not. I could barely keep my eyes open. So mom sent me back to bed, and the girls will be happier today for that. I hate starting the day with zero energy. It doesn’t bode well for my attitude, which is already a struggle to keep upbeat. My sense of humor is always around somewhere though, to lighten the mood, but my adrenaline has run out, and I need more than a giggle to get me through a whole day of “Molly, No! Lily, No! No biting! No hitting! No pulling hair! Sit down on the couch, sit down on the couch, be nice to the dog, be nice to the cat, don’t throw your food, inside voices! What does the horse say? What does the giraffe say? What does the dog say? What does the kitty say? What does the “O” say? What does the “B” say? How do you sign thank you? Blow kisses? Say hello! Say bye bye! How do you sign all done? PEEK-A-BOO! Where’s Molly? Where’s Lily? PEEK-A-BOO! PEEK-A-BOO! PEEK-A-BOO!”


So I’m thankful for sleep. I would hate to miss out on the hilarity that is giraffe chewing.

In other news, I’m dehydrated (from living on coffee and barely sipping water) and retaining water, so I’ve lost zero weight as of this morning, and can’t get my ring off. Neato! I’m going to drink a ton (of water) today and see how the scale likes me tomorrow.

That’s the nature of weight loss though. You have a few good weeks, and then you get cocky and drink less water, and maybe drink a glass of wine and eat a brownie instead of dinner.

Which leads me to this week’s focus for myself: Emotional Eating!

I’m Kallay, and I’m an emotional eater. Ah, acceptance.

I recently learned that my go-to food is chocolate; brownies, to be more specific. I actually didn’t eat many breakfasts last week, but instead would save my calories so I could have a brownie later in the day. (Don’t do this. It doesn’t work.) My stomach is still in knots, and trying to swallow an egg is just more than I can handle first thing in the morning. So, coffee it is! I did force myself to eat breakfast yesterday, and really felt a lot better for doing so. I couldn’t finish my dinner though, because I was interrupted by an unwelcome phone call that just sent my nerves into over drive. The peculiar thing is that, even when I’m happy, I still want a brownie. (I don’t have to eat my brownies with tears, apparently.)

So, my focus this week is to eat only what’s on my plan. Thankfully, Cycle 3 on the 17 Day Diet allows for a glass of wine or a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich, among other healthy snack options like smoothies, etc. I won’t feel deprived because of that, so I just need to make better choices, or find a brownie worth 100 calories? I want to take care of myself; to stay healthy, not get sick, continue on my weight loss journey, and to not fool myself into thinking “Hey! I’ve lost 100 pounds! 40 since September! That’s good enough!” because it’s not good enough! It won’t be good enough until I can run a few miles, fit into some single digit jeans, and be a good role model for the girls, which is what this is all for anyway.

Onward and upward (or downward, preferably, in this case)!  Have a great day!

How’s your Monday going?

2 Responses to Bloggers’ Biggest Loser! {Emotional Eating!}
  1. Krysten
    February 14, 2012 | 10:48 am

    Not only am I an emotional eater, I’m also a boredom eater. The worst thing about my days off is the fact that usually I don’t have anything to do so all day I think about how hungry I am and what I want to eat. It’s horrible.

  2. Celia
    February 14, 2012 | 11:42 am

    good luck!!! =) maybe next time eat half a brownie? i actually keep kisses around and if i feel the need for chocolate i eat just one piece and savor it. it’s yummy and i don’t feel guilty.

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