Bloggers’ Biggest Loser! {Plateaus!}

Link up with the fabulous Vicki from My Vickilicious Life, and Amy from At The Pink of Perfection.

I went to visit my in-laws this weekend and when I sat down to write on Saturday, I got about halfway through my “Free Your Mind” post and the girls woke up from their naps. I went to finish it later and thought, what better way to free my mind than to NOT think!? So, I haven’t! Thought, that is, since Saturday, about writing or freeing my mind or streams of consciousness or anything blog related, except for this super exciting blog thing happening in a few weeks. I did think about my future quite a bit though, I figured out a rough plan for work and school, and am praying about another decision. Mostly, we just relaxed, and it was exactly what I needed. A change of scenery, good conversation, peaceful environment (you know, as peaceful as it can be with two screaming toddlers), just a nice little retreat. Now we’re back and ready to face the task!

We eat pretty healthfully at my in-laws, which is always a nice thing to NOT have to worry about when you’re dieting, right? So, I had salads and filled in my food journal and was doing great! Then I weighed in this morning and about kicked the thing across the room. Plateaus are such a royal nuisance. I drank water, had tea, ate salads, ate chicken and turkey, chose healthy snacks, and still… nothing on the scale. Not even a wiggle. Of all the cycles to plateau on during the 17 Day Diet, Cycle 1 is not the one to do it in. I mean, I’m already carb free, so that’s fun (for masochists), add to that the fact that I feel like I’m chewing all day because salads take me a lifetime to eat, and I’m pretty frustrated. I’m still retaining water from last week, so hopefully that will take a hike by next Monday, too. I’m not going to give up though, my body has to respond eventually. It’s science! I also started the Couch to 5 K last week, and even though I skipped Saturday and Monday, I was still well within my calorie range, which isn’t that high to begin with.

I’m bound and determined to finish this, but plateaus really piss me off. Two weeks of this on Cycle 1 with no carbs and PMS/TOM? This is some kind of cruel joke. *sigh* So, we press on… pissed. At least it’s motivating.

Height: 5’9″
Starting Weight (December 7, 2010): 315
Goal Weight #1: 199 (Come on ONEderland!!)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145
Last Week’s Weight: 215
Current Weight: 215
Current Size: 14!!!!!

My NSV this week is honestly just that I haven’t completely given up and eaten a whole pile of carbs, because that’s what my uterus wants me to do, and she’s kind of bossy.

OH! And by the way…

How was your weekend? 

One Response to Bloggers’ Biggest Loser! {Plateaus!}
  1. Jennifer
    February 28, 2012 | 9:52 pm

    Haha (and no, not laughing at you…that was a nervous laugh because I’m afraid my weight loss will have heard me reading this post and take note!) I’ve been dreading the plateau and am always suprised when I step on the scale Saturday morning and it’s just a little bit lower…love it but know it won’t last forever.
    On a positive note…my uterus let me lose .8 lbs last week so there’s hope for you yet :)

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